What are the top secret SEO tips? The truth is there is no secret. There are only true facts on how you should optimize your blogs, articles, ads or whatever.

Most important is the content. Content is your best vehicle for driving traffic to your pages. Quality content will keep traffic flooding to your door.

Research your material. Find an authoritative voice to learn from and always provide unique content to your readers.

Makes sure you use links. Back links add value to your site for the search engines. But don't just stuff any links into you content. Be sure that they are related to your subject and are helpful to your audience. You disperse them in your content or provide a helpful resource box with all your links in it.

While we are on the subject of links, use text links on your website. When you use image links then don't give them a name in your alt tags instead give them a number like "jpg 1". This way when the image is not relevant the search engines will not count them as "relevant" to your website.

Remember that rating number one is not necessarily the best place to be in the search engines. When you are placed at the top you typically get a lot of "tire kickers". Aim to be somewhere around 3rd or 4th. the people who tend to look further down the page tend to be more targeted traffic.

One way to rise in the rankings however is to provide fresh content on a regular basis. Search engines love new content and you will tend to rank higher with quality fresh content supplied on a regular basis.

Go for keyword phrases and not just single keywords. Again more targeted traffic tends to search for keyword phrases than just one word.

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