Firstly let me say there are legitimate online money making methods to make money but beware as there are many scams. Never, and let me repeat that, NEVER, pay for a service that offers to get you work filling in surveys. There are 3 or 4 decent online companies who do hire people to fill in surveys but the pay is modest and no fee is required to sign up for these sites. The same can be said for companies who offer you data inputting work if you pay their joining fee. The only ones making money from this are the companies banking the joining fee. So that's the negative out of the way lets now move to the positive and the real ways you can make money online.

Firstly to work online you need a basic computer with an ADSL speed internet line but most of all you need to offer a service that there is a demand for. Take a look at my other articles for advice on data inputting jobs as these require no fee and you will be your own boss. What though if you have more advanced skills than just offering data inputting type services. Your first job should be to identify what skills you have and how you can adapt them to working online.

Do you have good graphic skills? If so then you could be making good money designing graphics for webmasters such as logos, website headers and general web graphics. There are many webmaster forums online where webmasters post contests for graphics. Graphic artists post their entries on the forum (make sure they have a watermark) and the webmaster picks a winner. Short term this is a good way to make sure your skills are good enough and I can think of 3 or 4 people who make decent money from this. This is also a great form of advertising your services and after winning a couple of contests you will find webmasters start to contact you direct without posting a contest.

If you lack graphic skills then how about article writing? There is a great demand for good quality articles for general content for websites, article directory sites such as this one and even for eBooks. You will though need good writing skills and be able to, in many cases be able to research niche topics. You can advertise your article writing services on webmaster forums and you could even offer additional services such as writing press releases that webmaster can submit to the many online press release sites. I will be posting more ideas to make money online in my next article.

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